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Our Law Firm provides professional and effective debt relief services nationally.  We are a real law firm, with real debt relief lawyers, real Certified Debt Settlement Specialists, and even real bankruptcy lawyers should debt settlement not be right for you.   We are all ready to tackle your financial problems.

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While we cannot possibly put all of our results on our website, by clicking on the links below, we hope to show you a few things:


  1. We’ve been doing this for Many Years and have Tons of Experience
  2. We offer various options, not just one
  3. We’ve worked with Many Different Types of Companies, and
*All settlements are represented as a percentage of the debt paid back.
For example, a 40% settlement means that you’ll pay back 40% of what you owe and 60% is forgiven.
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At The Law Offices of Kenneth H Dramer PC, before we make any recommendations, our debt lawyers, certified debt relief specialists, and paralegals are trained to ask the right questions to find out about your specific situation. Based on your current income and your financial hardship, we will determine which course of action will work best for you. We do not only offer one path, as no one process can solve everyone’s needs. We will take our time with you and help evaluate what your best course of action should be. CALL NOW FOR A FREE CONSULTATION and one of our advisors will be there to get you started on your path to financial freedom. There is no obligation to enroll, so don’t delay.

One way or another, we can help!