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We Can Help you to Avoid Foreclosure

If you are starting to fall behind on your mortgage payments or are already in default, our mortgage debt negotiation lawyers and foreclosure defense attorneys have years of experience practicing in real estate law, and have practically seen it all when helping our clients avoid foreclosure!  We’ve kept our clients in their homes and modified their mortgage loans after others have attempted and failed.  We’ve successfully dismissed lawsuits based on predatory lending violations, helping end foreclosure for our clients.  If your home is already in foreclosure, you’ll want our law firm on your side as we can handle any and every aspect of the foreclosure defense in New York and many other states.

If you no longer want to keep your home, we’ve arranged many short sales well below market value, and we’ve negotiated numerous deed in lieu of foreclosures for clients that wanted to ride themselves of their mortgage loan obligations.

No matter what the situation is with your home, we can try to help!  We are not a general practicing law firm claiming to be the jack of all trades and the master of none by offering a variety of different services like drunk driving or wills and estates in addition to our core services.  The only type of law we deal with all day & every day is debt law! We are strictly debt lawyers based in New York!  Our experience and know-how are why you’ll want us on your side if you are at risk of losing your home to foreclosure.

Services Offered that Help to Avoid Foreclosure

Each of our clients’ situations are different, and as such, each case needs to be thoroughly evaluated.  Although past performance does not dictate future results, we have been able to achieve outstanding results for our clients that had fallen behind on their mortgage loans.  We can provide you with relief through one or more of the following services:

Our Negotiation Services
  • Loan Forbearance
  • Loan Reinstatement
  • Loan Repayment Plans
  • Loan Modification
  • Short Sales
  • Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure
  • Cash for Keys
Our Litigation and Court Services
  • Predatory Lending Lawsuits
  • Foreclosure Defense
  • Chapter 7 or 13 Bankruptcy

If you have fallen behind on your mortgage loan payments and are now facing foreclosure…you are not alone.

Take a look at some statistics below.

We Are Able to Help if Any of the Following Apply to You:

  • If you have tried to modify but were unsuccessful, many times we find ways to do it successfully
  • If there have been bank or 3rd party servicing errors, we will make sure to deal with them
  • If your bank told you to fall behind on payments to get a loan modification – and that’s the reason you’re currently in this situation, we will help to make things right
  • If you are trying to bring your loan back up to date, we may be able to get the bank to waive past due fees and interest

If you were served a foreclosure lawsuit and did not prepare an answer, it is never too late!

We can still bring value to the table in many ways:

  • We can file a notice of appearance to respond to anything that comes up going forward,
  • Review all documents, both lawsuit, and loan closing documents, for predatory lending violations by either the mortgage broker, the bank’s law firm, or a defect in your bank’s handling of your mortgage loan,
  • Help apply for a loan modification to help get your back on track with your mortgage payments by either lowering the interest rates, restructuring past due balances and fees and even reducing the outstanding principal balance.

Our Mortgage Loan Debt Relief Services

Below are the different options we offer to help solve your mortgage loan problem.

Click on the icons below to learn more about each particular option.

Loan Modifications

We can renegotiate the terms of your existing mortgage loan agreement to conditions that are more affordable.  We can lower your monthly payments, lower your interest rates, reduce past due fees and penalties, and can even reduce the outstanding principal balance.  Our Real Estate & Foreclosure Defense Attorneys have the experience and capable of helping.  We’ll deal with your lender for you to negotiate more beneficial terms and are fully committed to helping you save your home and your money!


Short Sale Negotiations

If your home is worth less than you owe and you want to sell, our short sale attorneys can negotiate with your lender to get them to accept a lesser amount than what you owe, saving you thousands of dollars.  Some short sales are negotiable, and some are not, as each situation is different and negotiations are not one size fits all scenarios.  Before we take on your case, our short sale attorneys will be able to look at the facts to see if it is a case we should take on or instead suggest other options to help rid you of your property.


Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure

This option can help you avoid foreclosure or the auctioning of your property and can also assist in rebuilding your credit quicker than going through foreclosure. If you have tried to sell your property and have been unsuccessful or have not even received an offer, we can negotiate with your lender to have them take back the deed for your property without having to go through foreclosure.  This can save you thousands of dollars as opposed to waiting to lose your property through foreclosure and incurring the additional legal fees associated with it.

Cash for Keys Negotiations

If you are nearing the end stages of foreclosure, in addition to deed in lieu of foreclosure negotiations, we may be able to negotiate an exchange of cash in return for the Keys and Deed of your property.  Most banks are authorized to offer a certain amount to help with your moving expenses to vacate the property.  We are well experienced in negotiating these types of agreements with lenders and have been able to arrange many payments totaling hundreds of thousands of dollars.  It helps to know your rights – and we can help enforce and protect them.

Predatory Lending Lawsuits

We can hold banks and brokers accountable for the errors, omissions, and violations committed when originating mortgage loans.  Many loans, potentially yours, were given knowing homeowners would not be able to pay!  Additionally, when banks buy and sell mortgages to each other, there are faulty assignments and cases of fraud.  If you feel you have been taken advantage of by your current lender, past lender, or mortgage broker, our predatory lending attorneys can help defend your home from foreclosure and can even sue your lender for you.

Foreclosure Defense Litigation

If you are facing or are already in foreclosure, one of our defense attorneys can help. We stand with you and fight in court, and we have low fees to make our services affordable. We can buy time and protect you from your lender.  Many cases have only gone to foreclosure in the first place due to predatory lending practices.  We can spot predatory lending violations which we can use as leverage to either modify your loan, stop the foreclosure action, or release you from your obligation to pay your mortgage – completely!



Chapter 7 & 13 Bankruptcy

If you’ve exhausted all other options to save your home, we have a nationwide team of experienced bankruptcy lawyers, debt lawyers and financial professionals that can help solve your mortgage loan problems by filing for bankruptcy.  We not only charge lower fees than the competition but can spread out the costs and start to work on your case for as little as $100 down!  Put an end to those harassing collection calls and stop your foreclosure.  We offer FREE CASE EVALUATION so contact us to see if you will qualify.

Loan Reinstatements

If you have fallen behind on your mortgage loan payments and are now able to make a lump sum payment of the past due amount or very close to it, we can stop your foreclosure proceedings and bring your loan back up to date.  Through our forensic accounting, we can make sure all payments have been properly credited and that any overpayments are returned to you. Once your loan has been reinstated, you’ll make your monthly payments again, or, can try to modify your loan to gain further relief.

Forbearance Negotiations

If you have fallen into temporary financial hardship and as a result have fallen behind on your mortgage payments by one year or less, we can help delay foreclosure action and temporarily eliminate your mortgage payments, giving you some room to breathe each month.  We can negotiate an agreement with your lender where they agree not to foreclose for a period of time while we come to an arrangement as to how you can catch up on your delinquent payments.  This time off from paying the mortgage loan is called a Forbearance or a Deferment.


Repayment Plan Negotiations

If your financial hardship was short-term in nature but due to your hardship you fell behind on some mortgage loan payments and can now make payments again, negotiating a Mortgage Repayment agreement may be your best option.  If your financial hardship has either subsided we can negotiate a repayment plan which would enable you to pay back any delinquent fees and interest setting aside a certain amount of money monthly instead of coming up with to entire past due amount in a lump sum.

Timeshare Relief

If you were convinced to buy a timeshare buy a sales representative that mislead you into thinking it would be a significant investment, or easy to sell, or some other common sales misrepresentations, then we can help you exit your timeshare as painlessly as possible.  A timeshare loan works similarly to a mortgage loan.  There are promissory notes, deeds, and expenses.  A timeshare, however, is NOT an investment and should not be marketed as such.  There are many costs that most sales representatives don’t explain.

Real Estate Closings & Landlord Tenant Law

We represent clients in all types of commercial and residential matters. We handle anything from simple Purchase and Sale or Refinance Closings to Foreclosure Defense and virtually everything in between.  If you are either a landlord or a tenant, we can help you as we handle transactions on both sides of the fence.  No case too small or too big, we’ve done it all.

Need honest professional advice for yourself or your business?
Need honest professional advice for yourself or your business?

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*** Any Mortgage Settlements are Shown as a Percentage of the Total Balance that Our Clients Paid Back ***

For example, a 10% Mortgage Loan Settlement means a 90% discount.  In other words, You Would Pay Back 10% of the Mortgage Loan Principal Balance and 90% of the Loan Balance would be Forgiven by Your Lender.