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How Can I Get Out of Debt if I want to Avoid Bankruptcy?

If you can no longer afford your monthly minimum payments and do not want to file for bankruptcy, debt settlement may be right for you. Debt Settlement from The Law Offices of Kenneth H Dramer, PC can help you pay off your overwhelming debt, especially if most of your debt is unsecured. Our professional debt attorneys in New York and around the U.S. will negotiate the repayment of your unsecured debts for significantly less than the total amount that you owe. By using this process, your actual balances are negotiated to lower amounts and not just your interest rates like with most other options. Typically, debt settlements can lower the amount of your debt to a fraction of what you owe.

Get Out of Debt with an Experienced Debt Settlement Law Firm

If you have fallen behind on your unsecured creditor payments, Debt settlement is one of the least expensive methods to get out of debt while still avoiding the more adverse effects of bankruptcy.  With debt settlement, your finances remain your private business and do not become public knowledge.

Most other options to get out of debt, such as debt consolidation, debt management programs, and even Chapter 13 bankruptcy can require consistent monthly payments.  If you miss a payment, it can lead to your expulsion from the program. One of the most important benefits of debt settlement is that payments can be flexible, as it is meant for people that cannot afford their current monthly creditor payments. 

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If you have fallen behind on your monthly payments and are seeking help –  do not waste time.  The longer you wait for help, the harder it will be to save yourself money and get out of debt.  The first step is to call for your FREE CONSULTATION.

Benefits of Hiring a Debt Settlement Law Firm instead of a Debt Settlement Company

Many debt settlement companies and other settlement law firms want to hold your money in a trust account, escrow account, or somewhere else they will have access to or control over your money.  They do this to control your funds, thus, controlling you as their client.  These are the same companies that typically charge upfront fees and do not work on an incentive basis when it comes to performing and getting the best deal for their clients.  Since they’re holding your money and charging you up front, they will take any deal they can get just to have one less account to negotiate.  When they do a lousy job, they make it hard to get all of your money back if any at all.  Usually, by the time their clients find out just how poorly arranged the settlements were, the debt settlement companies have already collected their fees, and if they are terminated, it only means one less client for them have to work on at that point.

Don’t get scammed by a debt settlement companyWe’re Better – and we’ll let our performance prove it!


No Upfront Fees

We do NOT charge upfront fees – we negotiate your debt first.  We know our abilities to get the job done and the rates we can attain and are happy to put our best foot forward and achieve the settlements before charging a fee to a client!  Our fees are incentivized and billed as a percentage of what we save you – NOT a percentage of your total debt load – which ensures we are always trying to save you as much money as possible.


You Control Your Money

We do NOT hold your money in a trust or escrow account.  It is your money so you will maintain control of it.  We never accept a settlement offer on your behalf without first discussing the terms with you.  All our negotiations will be affordable within your budget, but you will have the final say as to whether or not you want to accept a negotiated offer.

No Creditor Affiliation

Our Law Firm has no affiliation with any creditors, banks or other lending institutions.  We are not in business to charge our clients interest or to keep you paying another company interest. A Debt Settlement Lawyer from our firm will work only for the benefit of our clients and not for the creditors



Debt Collection Protection

There are many companies out there that can assist you in settling your debts, but if you use a debt settlement lawyer to help you instead of just a regular debt settlement company, you will be given specific rights under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act that you only have when working with lawyers.


Negotiation of Other Debts

As lawyers, we can negotiate settlements on types of debts that other companies cannot such as credit unions, cash advances, medical bills, payday loans, casino markers, timeshare loans, underwater mortgages, repossessed vehicle balances, private student loans in default, and much more!


Help with Lawsuits

We can deal with lawsuits that may arise during the debt settlement process.  We offer debt collection lawsuit defense.  When sued with a non-attorney debt settlement provider, you will be without representation leading to potential default judgments, bank levies, property liens, and wage garnishments.


Bankruptcy as a Last Resort

We offer Bankruptcy as a last resort, and your creditors know that which can not only help with your negotiations, but if you need to file bankruptcy, we can for you.  If you planned on settling but do not have the funds you planned on, your debt settlement lawyer could offer bankruptcy as a choice.  Debt settlement companies can’t advise you about bankruptcy let alone file a case, as they can’t give legal advice if they aren’t a law firm.


Lawyers are Subject to Bar Standards

Debt Settlement Lawyers are held to higher standards by the bar committee.  A non-law firm debt settlement company has no rules to which to be held accountable.  Not that any of our debt lawyers would ever violate their code of ethics, but there is no code of ethics for non-attorney settlement companies.

Types of Debt Our Debt Settlement Lawyers Can Settle

  • Credit Cards
  • Store Cards & Gas Cards
  • Unsecured Bank Loans & Lines of Credit
  • Medical Bills
  • Collections Accounts
  • Lawsuits, Judgments, Liens, Levies, & Garnishments
  • Finance Company Accounts
  • Casino Markers
  • Back Taxes
  • Default Private Student Loans
  • Payday Loans
  • Cash Advances
  • Underwater Mortgages
  • Loans on foreclosed property
  • Timeshare Loans
  • Repossessed Vehicle Loans including Motorcycles, RVs, Boats, etc.

Business Debts Including:

  • Merchant Cash Advances
  • Credit Cards
  • SBA Loans
  • Vendor Payments
  • Accounts Payable
Through our network of Of Counsel Attorneys, we can help in many states throughout the country

At The Law Offices of Kenneth H Dramer PC, before we make any recommendations, our debt lawyers, certified debt relief specialists, and paralegals are trained to ask the right questions to find out about your specific situation. Based on your current income and your financial hardship, we will determine which course of action will work best for you. We do not only offer one path, as no one process can solve everyone’s needs. We will take our time with you and help evaluate what your best course of action should be. CALL NOW FOR A FREE CONSULTATION and one of our advisors will be there to get you started on your path to financial freedom. There is no obligation to enroll, so don’t delay.

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All settlements are represented as a percentage of the debt paid back. 

For example, a 20% settlement means that 20% of the debt is paid back and 80% is forgiven.