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How We Can Help You Get Out of Debt

If you are an individual struggling with any type of debt, we offer various debt relief services, not just one.  No one solution is right for everyone as there would be no need for any other service if there were.  Our services will help anyone having difficulties with debt.  Whether you are on time and don’t want to hurt your credit or already years behind facing judgments and wage garnishments – we can help!  Through our different options, we can provide you or your loved ones relief from the constant stress of being in too much debt.
When debt is the problem – we have the answers.  Practicing law since 1993, Kenneth Dramer and members of his staff have helped of thousands of people with their mortgages, debts, business problems, and other financial issues.  When you choose our law firm to help you deal with your debt, our debt relief representatives will evaluate your current financial situation.   They’ll work within your budget to help create an individualized plan for your needs.  We will then help implement the strategies, and the result will be you – debt free and stress-free – the way life should be!

Consumer Debt Relief Attorneys

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Consumer Debt Relief Attorneys

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Types of Consumer Debt Relief Services We Offer

Each of our clients’ debt portfolio’s contain different types of creditor, advances, and other accounts that need to be evaluated individually. Although past performance does not dictate future results, we have been able to achieve outstanding results since our inception.  We can provide you with relief with the following services:


  • Debt Consolidation

  • Debt Management

  • Debt Validation

  • Debt Settlement

  • Budget Counseling

  • Bankruptcy




Services We Offer For Unsecured Debt

No matter the option you choose, our law firm has the Consumer Debt Relief options to help pay off your debt in a much timelier manner and will help with budget counseling to ensure when we get you out of debt, that you stay out of debt!

Debt Consolidation

If you’re on time with your debt payments, have good enough credit or, assets to use as collateral, you may be able to combine all your debts into one new loan at a lower interest rate.  Through our network of lenders, we can try to help if you want to try to borrow your way out of debt.

Debt Management

Experiencing a financial hardship and haven’t fallen too far behind on your payments?  A Debt Management Plan, also known as Consumer Credit Counseling, can help by combining all your debts into one monthly payment at lower interest rates to have you out of debt in 4 to 7 years.


Debt Validation

Regardless of whether or not you actually owe money, you should never pay a third-party debt collector until they prove your debt is valid. Proving valid doesn’t mean a simple letter stating they were assigned your account.  If the third-party collector is not able to show they have the legal right to collect from you, then you do not have to pay them!

Debt Settlement

Experiencing a financial hardship and past due on your creditor payments? Our No Upfront Fee Debt Settlement service can reduce your outstanding balances to help get you out of debt in as quick as 1 to 60 months!  Rather than lower your interest rates, we’ll actually reduce your total debt.



Bankruptcy is a last resort to help save you or your business from drowning in debt.  For individuals, we offer Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 filings, and for businesses, we offer Chapter 7 and Chapter 11. We can help determine if you’re qualified and can get you the fresh start you’re looking for.

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All letters are represented as a percentage of the debt paid back

For example, a 20% settlement means that 20% of the debt is paid back and 80% is forgiven.







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Is Your Debt Obligation Secured or Unsecured?

To figure out which consumer debt relief option is best for you, we must first figure out what type of debt or obligation it is that you are having difficulties with as there are different options available for each.

A Secured debt or obligation is when you pledge an asset or multiple assets in order to get take out the loan or other debt.  Sometimes the asset is not a physical asset but can be your future income or money in your bank account.  The most common types or secured loans are mortgages, car loans, and payday loans.

An Unsecured debt or obligation one you obtained without having to put up any assets as collateral. It is called an unsecured because the obligation isn’t backed or secured by any assets.

Many obligations can start off as secured and become unsecured.  This is the case when the asset backing the debt or obligation is no longer in your possession or it loses value.  Even though the asset backing the obligation is no longer yours or no longer has value, the obligation itself remains.  The amount owed is called the “deficiency balance” or the “short amount” depending on the obligation being spoken of.


Below are Some Examples of Secured and Unsecured Debts

Secured Debts

  • Payday Loans
  • Casino Markers
  • Vehicle Loans
  • Timeshare Loans
  • Mortgage Loans

Unsecured Debt

  • Credit Cards
  • Gas Cards
  • Department Store Cards
  • Bank Loans
  • Bank Lines of Credit
  • Cash Advances
  • Medical & Hospital Bills
  • Most Bills in Collections

Secured to Unsecured

  • Past Due utility bills after your service has been terminated
  • Vehicle loans and leases after your vehicle has been repossessed
  • Timeshares obligations after your timeshare has been surrendered
  • Your home loan if you have already lost the property in foreclosure
  • Home loans if your home is worth less than what’s owed on your mortgage
  • Payday loans if you’ve lost your job
  • Taxi Medallions if you are no longer operating
  • Casino Markers if you have no money in your bank account

Our Representatives are Counselors Not Sales Representatives


Don’t let bad advice you may have heard from someone outside the industry or from a less than scrupulous company steer you wrong.  Most other companies want nothing more than to make a quick buck by taking advantage of those in need.  Their job is contingent upon selling their product and earning a commission for it – a sure way to make sure their products are misrepresented to you as their motivation is to sell you something.  These same types of companies typically only offer one service, not multiple services like our firm, so no matter what your situation is, their objective is to try to sell you their one service, whether it’s right for you and your situation or not.

On the contrary, we are a law firm and pay our debt consultants or client service representatives a salary not a commission.  Their job is not to sell you something as they are not paid based on how many clients the can enroll or anything of the sort – we do frequent compliance check-ups on each representative to make certain no will pressure you.

All of our representatives are well educated and more importantly are trained to be educators – as their job is to educate youTo make sure YOU clearly understand all the ins and outs of all the services we offer.  That way YOU are able to make an educated decision.  We are a full disclosure law firm so we do our best to ensure that when retained, anything that can happen along the way will have already been disclosed and explained to you.  When we advise of the different choices we are sure to explain both the pros and the cons of each option.

Our Client Service Representatives Deal on a One-on-One Basis


This means you will speak to the same person each time, should you need to contact us.  The representative that explains everything to you is the one that you will remain in contact with and will be up to date on your case.  This further ensures that they will do their best to tell you everything possible in store ahead in order to manage your expectations of whatever process it is that you choose to retain us for as you will build a relationship over time with the same person.  Our employee retention ratio is near 100% so the likelihood of your personal representative even leaving us is slim.  We have happy employees here and happy employees make for happy clients!

It is for these reasons among others we urge you to call for a free consultation.  It will not only save you the time of reading but also potentially from misinterpreting any of the information on our site.  If you are unable to call now and want to continue trying to figure this out on your own, please by all means, continue reading further.

Here’s How We Help


Our staff is trained to ask the right questions to learn your whole situation.  Any member of our law firm that will consult with our clients is well qualified with a MINIMUM OF 10 YEARS EXPERIENCE in dealing with debt negotiations!

Before making any recommendation a representative will analyze your current situation including your assets and liabilities as well as your current cash flow. Your representative will then customize a relief solution to your individual needs.


Once retained, we immediately send a notice of limited power of attorney to any creditor or third party that is currently trying to collect the money you owe.  This requests all calls and notices be directed to our law firm enabling us to deal with your creditors and their collection activity for you.  Doing so helps curb the collection efforts towards you or your business allowing us to do what we do best in dealing with the collectors thus saving you time and allowing you to do what you do best.

We then work on either lowering your payments, lowering your rates, extending the terms of your payback, trying to reduce the amount of the outstanding principal that you owe, or helping you to file for bankruptcy.


We never agree to anything without first consulting with you and getting your approval.  It is your debt and your money so you have the final say in all of our negotiations.

The Law Offices of Kenneth H. Dramer PC helps individuals and businesses that are experiencing financial difficulties.  We have offices to serve New York City and Long Island as well as Upstate NY in addition to Of Counsel attorneys in states throughout the country so WE CAN USUALLY HELP NO MATTER YOUR LOCATION!  If you or your business have a debt obligation that you cannot afford, call today so one of the most experienced debt lawyers, debt relief professionals, bankruptcy lawyers, and other debt specialists can help you!  There is absolutely no obligation, so don’t hesitate to give us a call or visit our Contact Us page to learn how you can get out of debt and take control of your financial future.

Without a plan that fits your budget, financial problems can spiral out of control and you can fall further into debt.

If you are starting to struggle with your finances or have already fallen behind, don’t risk your financial future by delaying causing creditors to sue you or seize your assets.  With most of our debt relief options, you will have the ability to choose which of your accounts you want to have included and which you do not.

Whether your situation calls for debt consolidation, debt management, debt settlement, or bankruptcy, when you hire the debt lawyers and experts at Dramer Law – we get the job done!

Benefits of Debt Relief

Consolidate multiple payments into one

By combining multiple creditor payments into just one, we’re able to make paying more convenient for you so it’s easier to keep track of all your bills.

Reduce your interest rates

With the help of lower interest rates, paying off your debts will take less time, cost you less money, and help you to free up cash flow to assist you in growing your business.

Reduce your monthly payments

We can help make your bills fit your budget.  By lowering your payments, you will free up money to help make ends meet each month.

Reduce the remaining number of payments

With certain services we offer, we can lower your interest rates, reduce your balances, and even wipe out your debts completely.  You’ll be able to get out of debt in a fraction of the time you would have on your own.

Reduce your principal balances so you literally pay back less than you owe!

With our debt settlement services, we can negotiate your delinquent principal account balances to lesser amounts than what you currently owe saving you thousands and getting you out of debt faster than any alternative debt relief option other than Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

Even completely wipe out certain debts so you won’t have to pay a dime!!!

With either our litigation or bankruptcy services, we may be able to completely relieve you of your obligation to pay certain debts.

Why Choose Dramer Law for Your Debt Relief Needs?

Debt is Our Specialty

Other companies and law firms offer debt relief – we specialize in it!  We do not offer any services that aren’t strictly related with clients that are struggling financially so our clients have unique needs, compared to those of other law firms, that we can cater to.  We offer all debt relief options and we service our clients like family.  You should never settle for less when trying to settle for less!

Lower Fees

Since our clients don’t have tons of money to spare like attorneys that practice in other areas of law, we charge low fees making our services affordable for anyone that needs help.  Unless your case involves one of our attorneys having to go to court, our negotiation service fees are performance based not charged hourly.

Fee Guarantees

We get the job done and are that confident of our ability to help with any situation you can throw at us that we don’t charge you if we don’t save you money – GUARANTEED!  We will either save you money or you will not pay us! (*court appearances not included as they incur hourly charges)

One on One Client Service

All of our client relationships are One on One.  You’ll have one individual client service representative that will be your point of contact and you’ll build a relationship with them so they’ll know exactly what you are going through.  Aside from treating you with the upmost care possible, this means you won’t have to deal with multiple people and re-explain your situation to a different person each time you call.  This saves time for you and eliminates any extra stress for you as time is money and being stress free is just as important as being debt free!

Client Service Response Time

All of our attorneys, negotiators, and accountants, are all dedicated to providing the best possible experience, while achieving results.  We are available long hours but should we happen to be unavailable for any reason we pride ourselves on returning calls and emails right away, not several days later like most attorneys.

Our Reputation

Many companies do nothing for the high fees they charge.  We have heard many horror stories.  These companies aren’t proactive, they put no effort into negotiations,  they don’t even return calls from collectors!  These actions cause collectors to seek other measures to collect, often meaning lawsuits.   We typically work repeatedly with the same companies and are known for resolving accounts so therefore have a great reputation with industry creditors and collectors.  This benefits you when we contact these companies on your behalf, they know the accounts will get resolved and therefore we are usually able to avoid legal action!

We can help you if any of the following are true for you:

  • You struggle paying your bills
  • You use credit cards for purchases you can’t afford
  • You don’t qualify or don’t want a loan
  • You are delinquent with one or more of your bills
  • You are receiving collection calls and notices
  • Another company tried negotiating but didn’t get results
  • You want to Avoid OR want to File Bankruptcy

With Multiple Options & Experienced Staff,

We’ll Have the Debt Relief Solution to Fit Your Needs

More About The Debt Relief Process


At Dramer Law, the first step for in helping is a free consultation where your portfolio of creditors are discussed along with your available monthly budget.  Since we will be negotiating the terms of the current debts that you owe, neither your credit score nor collateral or lack of collateral, are important.

Once we evaluate your needs we would determine which process or combination of processes would work best for your situation.  We discuss the benefits and drawbacks of each relief option in depth including both the good and the bad and any possible remedies that may be available to your creditors with certain choices. 

Read More About the Debt Relief Process by clicking here

Once retained, we contact all of your creditors to let them know of our representation and request all collection calls and correspondence be directed towards our office rather than to you. This way you’ll spend less time dealing with or hiding from anyone trying to collect from you and can to running your life.

Once we take over the collection activity, we inform your creditors of your situation and, depending on which process we were retained for, will begin to negotiate on your behalf to either lower your rates, extend the terms of your current agreements, or reduce your debts down to a fraction of what you owe.

Sometimes we negotiate with one creditor at a time and other times we negotiate with multiple accounts at once. Sometimes we need to get right down to negotiations and while others we need to stall to buy time for you to accumulate funds to use for negotiations later on. Sometimes we are able to negotiate politely and others we need to play hardball.

We know which tactics work and which ones don’t. We know when to call, who to call, what to say, and more importantly what not to say…all in order to save you as much money as possible!

All of our negotiation options, with the exception of Chapter 7 or 13 Bankruptcy, offer you complete control and the final say. Once we are satisfied with a potential negotiated offer with a creditor of yours, we contact you to discuss the terms and conditions.

Only if you want to accept the offer will all details be obtained in writing and reviewed by a lawyer to make sure that the terms of the release are drafted up properly. If so, it would be sent to you with step by step instructions to ensure it is paid off properly.

After an account is paid off, we obtain the necessary documents so you’ll have proof for your records and credit reporting purposes. If you are struggling to pay your bills, put our debt lawyers to work for you. See if either debt consolidation, debt management, debt settlement, or bankruptcy, can benefit you.


Have You Been Sued?


If one or more legal actions have been taken against you, we can usually negotiate a settlement without having you even step foot in a courtroom. If it is necessary to go to court, our debt attorneys can provide the debt collection lawsuit defense you will need to either buy time for you to gather funds to settle with or, through litigation and just cause, can result in the dismissal of a pending lawsuit.  If you were sued a long time ago but didn’t do anything about it, there may now be one or more judgments obtained against. Whether there have been no post-judgment collection efforts or if the judgments are being enforced by way of lien, levy, or garnishment, we can usually still negotiate an agreement to save you money, or at the very least unfreeze your bank accounts to enable you access to your money.

Our bankruptcy lawyers can even help you file for either Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy to rid you of your debts if we try to negotiate and are unable to come to a resolution!  Simply put, we do it all so one way or another we will be able to help you!

We Can Also Help You With Bankruptcy

We are happy to offer our clients the choice of Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy as it is an excellent option for many people that need a resolution of their past due debts. However, most of our clients want to avoid bankruptcy and look for alternatives to bankruptcy for many reasons.

There is a loss of control associated with Bankruptcy, and most of our clients don’t want to hand over all their discretionary funds to the court. They don’t want to deal with the possibility of ongoing court hearings associated with filing where monthly payments can go higher if their income increases. 

Read More about Bankruptcy by clicking here

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy can be costly due to the repayment plan that needs to be presented to the court trustee. The calculations and work that go into preparing these plans can take many hours, and any single creditor objection can cause recalculation hours.  These hours all add up to legal and court costs.

Many people want to avoid the downsides of Bankruptcy.  Some of the significant disadvantages are that a Bankruptcy filing becomes public record and can also stay on your credit reports for up to ten years.

Sometimes avoiding bankruptcy by working out flexible terms with your creditors is a more beneficial option. The costs of other debt relief options may be less than a Chapter 13 and our law firm’s no fee guarantee; we do not charge you on any account if we do not save you money. However, if you are unable to designate funds for negotiation purposes, bankruptcy may still be the right option for you!

Dramer Law is based in the New York City area and have expanded our practice with attorneys throughout the country. Our staff consists of some of the most experienced debt lawyers, debt relief professionals, bankruptcy lawyers, and other debt specialists all dedicated to helping you!   Call today for your free consultation or visit our Bankruptcy Page by clicking here


You have nothing to lose except for your debt!


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*Individual results may vary based on consumer’s ability to save sufficient funds, and complete all program terms. Our law firm does not assume or pay any debts, nor provide credit or tax advice on forgiven amounts. Program is not available in all states, and does not obtain immediate repayment arrangements until consumer saves sufficient funds and creditor(s) make offers.
*Be wary of any company that tells you not to pay your bills as certain debt relief options may have a negative impact on your credit report and other consequences.  For example, your debts may continue to accrue late fees and penalties, you also may receive calls from your creditors and/or debt collectors, you could even be sued for non-payment.  If a creditor obtains a judgment against you they have the right to garnish your wages or put a lien on your home.  Make sure you choose company that explains the benefits and consequences of each debt relief option.  Please read and understand all program terms prior to enrollment.
*The information provided on this site is for general information and educational purposes only.  The information presented should not be considered legal advice, and should not be misconstrued as such, and should most definitely not be acted upon without first consulting with an attorney. The information is subject to change without notice. Consult a debt relief lawyer licensed in your jurisdiction for specific advice.
*We provide Debt Relief services and are a debt relief agency, as defined by the U.S. Congress. We proudly assist people filing for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code as well as various other services to help avoid bankruptcy.