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The Law Offices of Kenneth H Dramer PC is a law firm specializing in Debt Relief for both individuals and businesses. We provide professional Debt Relief, Mortgage Relief, Tax Relief, Student Loan Relief, and many more services by licensed debt attorneys, bankruptcy attorneys, and debt specialists. Since we are focusing solely on debt relief, we deal almost exclusively with financially vulnerable clients. As a result, we strive extra hard to provide the best, most effective service on behalf of our clients.


The reviews below are from REAL The Law Offices of Kenneth H Dramer PC clients and clients that retained S.J. Packman and Associates LLC who are now being handled by our firm.  These testimonials represent only a small sampling of the positive testimonials we have received regarding our business over the years.

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“My husband and I really appreciate all that you have done for us.  You made canceling our timeshare stress-free.  You explain the whole process upfront all the dos and don’ts and handled it from the beginning.  We feel like a weight has been lifted off our shoulders.  Again thank you.”


Natalie & Frizzell from Maryland 7-6-2021

“Our very small business was not only helped, but saved by Dramer.   I’m especially grateful to Michael for his positive and calm approach to our problem and in dealing with the nasty company who had put liens against us, as they thought they could bully us.  These types of companies are nothing more than legalized loan sharks preying on small companies now more than ever.  If you can stay away from them, do so.  But if you need any kind of legal help, I highly recommend  Dramer.  Michael got us a fair settlement, the fees were fair, and most of all, we can go into our 16th year of business free of debt.  Thank you Michael and Dramer!”
Theresa V., IL 3-30-2021

“In the New Year one of the items left behind and glad to have it resolved was the exiting from our Timeshare company through the aid of Dramer Law Firm along with Mike Sinisky’s dedicated help. The Dramer Law firm did exactly what it advertised to do, and did it with a delicate but persuasive touch. With no “up front” fees it may seem too good to be true, but it IS a bona fide Law Firm with a documented history of successful performance. We were skeptical b/c of the slimelness of the timeshare industry, but every step with Dramer Law firm was predicted and dispensed with a deliberate action. We can with good heart recommend this firm for such a need.”

Jenn and Rich P., New Jersey 1-11-2021

“The process was seamless and went very smoothly. Most importantly, we are out of our timeshare program.”

Nick & Patricia V., Branchburg, NJ, 8-31-2020

“We have been very pleased with the service provided by Michael and the team. Emails and calls were always returned promptly. We were always kept up to date on the status of our dispute. All of my many questions were answered with patience and professionalism. This team held my hand and over-all the process was smooth and organized. I would work with this group again and highly recommend.”

Carrie B., Chesterfield, VA, 4-13-2020

“Working with Mike and Dramer Law was nothing short of spectacular. Mike did exactly what he said he would do. He said he could close these (MCA) deals in 1 to 2 days (we actually had told this client our average timeframe for an MCA case is typically 1 day to 2 weeks, we did resolve it within 2 days though). I had two deals and he delivered as promised. Professional and attentive he answered my constant calls and email quickly and honestly. I highly recommend Mike and Dramer Law for anyone who is struggling to get out of debt fast. Looking forward to working with Mike in the near future. A+++++”
Steven B. Rockford, IL 10-4-19

“Mr. Sininsky and staff were professional and prompt in addressing the problem with the creditors who were threatening me with a lawsuit. I would like to thank them for their support and success in resolving this stressful matter”
Edith H. Brooklyn, NY 6-2-19

“My experience has been great. I love the personal attention and the fact that I get very quick responses. It’s still a work in progress, but I can finally see light at the end of the tunnel.”
L.C., NY 3-26-2019

“Dramer Law helped me through a time of great difficulty.  After my divorce, My finances were in complete disarray and I didn’t know to whom I owed what. It is very frightening to be served in a judgement. The first time I spoke with my attorney he immediately made me feel at ease…that together we could take care of this. He then went on to explain the process which was very easy to understand and execute! He did all communication on my behalf with creditors and sent me detailed instructions on how to proceed. I saved a substantial amount of money but, most importantly was sent up with a payment that I could handle. Paying off old debt made me feel very good! Thanks to the help and hard work from attorneys at Dramer Law I am moving forward in a positive direction. I highly recommend using their service for debt settlement. They were courteous and made a difficult situation easy!!  Thank you so much for all of your help!!!!”

Debby M. Long Island, NY 7-9-2018

“Having to deal with a debt collection and settlement situation is a scenario that can certainly occur to anyone, irrespective of their station in life or how judicious they might have been in managing their finances. I was very ill-prepared to deal with this situation when it confronted me. By shear chance, pretty much stressed out on my options, I stumbled on on my very first internet search. This was indeed my first port of call; I talked to Michael and I had the gut feeling I could work with them. I have not only been happily surprised, but very satisfied with my collaboration with Dramer.  Michael, my principal liaison from day one has been very professional, available, applied, assiduous, and reassuring throughout this relationship; it is hard not to state it in such glowing terms, when it is what it is. From communications via phone calls, faxed messages, and e-mails I was able to receive and transmit all the paperwork relevant to my case. The court proceedings were annulled, and agreeable working terms were consolidated with my creditors. Equally appreciative is the post-resolution services and relationship that Dramer offers. Please give Dramer a try and I’d bet you will express your satisfaction in even more glossy terms.”

N.T. Oneonta, NY. 12-22-2017

Susan M. Commack, NY 3-27-2018

“The Law Offices of Kenneth H. Dramer are extremely knowledgeable and dedicated. They completely turned around a very trying situation for me. I had a million questions and was pretty lost about what steps I should take next and Mr. Sininsky, quite patiently explained everything to me. I wasnt even their client at this point and they were already going above and beyond. I didn’t feel rushed or like I was being blown off. It was that unfront honesty and eagerness that sealed the deal for me. Once hired the process was thoroughly explained to me and it was about as effortless (at least on my end) as humanly possible. Mr. Sininsky was personable, honest, deligent, and stayed in communication with me every single step of the way. I never felt at anytime like I was getting less than 110% from them. If I have any other legal issues that fall within the area in which their office practices, its literally a no brainer for me, I wouldn’t go anywhere else.”

Teresa J., Bronx NY. 12-14-17

“Like most people bankruptcy never crossed our mind. My husband and I owed  a lot  of debt due to closing of our business, but we still tried to payoff debtors little by little. Until we got hit with a summons from the court ( for over 100K lawsuit). We research all over the internet and called many law firms and layers. Many of them ask what we want to do?.. We wouldn’t of call if we know what to do. And some offered hardship /debt relief or settle your debt for less.. no matter what you call it at the end you still have to pay  the creditors, the debts collectors and the lawyer. In our case there is no way we can payoff everything. Many random phones calls later, we were fortunate to come acrossed Mike, he has explained  to us bankruptcy doesn’t  mean we will lose our house or car.  As couple we are able keep certain amount of assets. We were also worried about our credit score, the bankruptcy record will stay in your record for 7 years ( our score were poor anyway).  There aren’t that many reviews on the internet about them and like most people we’re not sure if we can trust them.  Give Mike a call and a chance, his very sharp and on the  point. Their price is very reasonable.  Bankruptcy was the best choice we made and the cheapest way out. Now half year later we are debt free, no need to worry from phone calls from debts collectors.  Get to keep our house and car, even our credit score went up.  Don’t understand why we didn’t  do it  sooner I guess we were like a lot others  going day by day try to be nice by paying off little by little.  Thanks!”

JC, Queens, NY. 7-7-2017

“The Law Offices of Kenneth H. Dramer P.C Attorneys at Law were efficient in handling by bankruptcy case. They were extremely professional and made the process easy! I highly recommend them.”

Jamie M. Seaford, NY 5-30-2017

“I was so happy to have been represented by the law firm of Kenneth H. Dramer. They were so helpful at a very difficult financial time in my life.  They advised me every step of the way through the difficult process of bankruptcy.  If I had any questions or concerns they would answer any questions very quickly and patiently.  I would highly recommend this firm to anyone going through financial difficulty and need good advise. ”
Lillian L. Queens, NY 7-20-2015

“I was deeply in debt and after I tried everything I could think of -including a reverse mortgage-I heard of this law firm and I was told to contact Michael Sininsky.  Michael explained the process in detail and even though I was quite hesitate I feel this was the best option for me.  He was kind, calming and very thorough.  In hindsight I wish I had declared bankruptcy but this was clearly my decision.  I thank the company and Michael for giving me peace of mind at this point.”
Sue R. Allegheny Co, PA 6-15-15

“To Whom It May Concern ,  We would like to thank Michael Sininsky and your law firm for helping us get out of debt and back on track . Michael was always professional and courteous as well as efficient . Any email or phone call was returned immediately with answers to each question or concern we had .    We would like to say Michael Sininsky is an asset to your company . We were thankful that he had our account .       Sincerely , Robert & Michele A.”
Robert & Michele A. Whitestone, NY 5-25-2015

“Dramer handled my case very professional.  They were patient and very helpful with my case. Recommended!”
Alex M. Floral Park, NY 12-24-14

“Mike, I glad we’ve finally gotten through this very difficult time for me.  I greatly appreciate all that you’ve done.  I never thought I would be in such a situation, but it’s comforting to know that there are folks like you out there to help.  My biggest fear was that I would have to declare bankruptcy and this was narrowly avoided.  It’s been a big learning experience for me, so I don’t expect to ever be in this situation again.  Thanks again.”
Clyde K. 8-8-14

“SJ Packman was absolutely terrific from start to finish on my loan re-modification. SJ Packman made the process flow so smooth and easy. I was 9 months before on my mortgage and in jeopardy of going into foreclosure and SJ Packman especially Michael Sininsky had me back into structured payments in less than 60 days working with my lender. I can say because of SJ Packman I still own my home today. I would recommend this firm to anyone in my family or friends as this firm is fast, friendly, reliable, and the real deal.”

*This is a review for Michael Sininsky at his previous firm.   We are now servicing the clients for that prior firm.

Don W. Holbrook, NY 5-4-14

“The process to negotiate a debt was made easy and extremely fast.  What I had envisioned years to resolve was completed in just 5 months.  I was kept informed of the process every step of the way and received updates in a timely and efficient manner.  I would have never been able to have done this without the  help of SJ Packman.  I would especially like to thank Michael for his outstanding attention to detail and with the caring that he showed throughout  the entire process.  Sincerely,  Sue H”

*This is a review for Michael Sininsky at his previous firm.   We are now servicing the clients for that prior firm.

Sue H. NJ 1-17-14

“I really want to thank you because you really helped me when I was still signed up with that lawyer who took more of my money for himself than for my bills. I called a number on a flyer that I received in the mail and spoke with you. You explained what was going to happen if I stayed with that previous lawyer and you explained what I could do to get out of it. You were great! Then we met you to talk about a bankruptcy. Everything was explained in detail. All of my questions were answered, no pressure. I said I wanted to use The Law Offices of SJ Packman but I wasn’t ready. You said that when I was ready to let you know. You never pressured me or called to rush my decision. You were very patient and called from time to time to say hello and see how things were. We finally met with you again to get things started. You were with me the whole way. You were always available to answer any questions or calm my fears and sometime to answer really stupid questions. You never made me feel like I was a pest. You made it so easy to understand exactly what was going on and you took care of everything that needed to be done. When I was ready for my court date, Peter was very friendly and helped me go through with the final hearing.  I could not have done any of this without you, SJ Packman.  I would definitely recommend you personally. The price was fair and I was even offered a payment plan. You were there when I was ready and always supported and helped me. So Mike ,THANK YOU!!!”

*This is a review for Michael Sininsky at his previous firm.   We are now servicing the clients for that prior firm.

Sue G., New Hyde Park, NY 11-17-2013

“In today’s economic world, we were facing a financial hardship. We have to be honest, we were skeptical on contacting anyone with this embarrassing situation. Finally, we made a call to The Law Offices of S.J. Packman and spoke to Michael Sininsky. He made us feel that we were not the only ones, that this was not uncommon. We felt he was able to lead us in the right direction and help us out. Michael is friendly and professional. He answered all our “hundreds” of questions in a timely fashion. He explained the process thoroughly. We were scared and stressed, but Mike made it an easy process. It was actually a relief when completed. We would definitely recommend SJ Packman and Michael to anyone who needs assistance with financial problems. Thank you again for all your appreciated efforts”

*This is a review for Michael Sininsky at his previous firm.   We are now servicing the clients for that prior firm.

Glenn & Melissa. Garden City Park,NY 8-27-2013

“Mr. Sininsky and the company he represents is the best in the business. I had a lot of difficulties managing my credit card bills after the collapse in the economy a few years back. Thank God for SJ Packman and Michael Sininsky. I found them just in time. Now that all of my bills were paid, my credit is up and running again. I will recommend him personally to anyone who’s in the same situation that I was.”

*This is a review for Michael Sininsky at his previous firm.   We are now servicing the clients for that prior firm.

Patrick P. Uniondale, NY 7-9-13

“I would like to express my thanks to Michael from SJ Packman & Associates. I was left with bills after a separation where my bills exceeded my income after hearing about SJ Packman. I called them and spoke to Mike. At first I was afraid to get involved so I told mike I will call him back mike keep checking up on me and I finally explained my situation to him and he came up with a plan . Thanks to him I am debt free today. I would recommend anyone to him .Thanks again.”

*This is a review for Michael Sininsky at his previous firm.   We are now servicing the clients for that prior firm.

Lincoln K, Freeport, NY, 4-9-2013

“I really want to thank you for all what you did during this process to help me out of my financial burdens… I’m now in my way out… thank you to your help… You explained to me every step… very clearly… what was going to happen… how was going to happen … and I trusted you…”

*This is a review for Michael Sininsky at his previous firm.   We are now servicing the clients for that prior firm.

Elisa G, Brooklyn, NY, 1-14-2013

“Sorry for the delay in writing to thank you but we have been busy enjoying life now that we are debt free. When illness hit after we had incurred children’s college bills and helping them to get started along with our own credit cards, we were entirely over our head. One day after trying to figure out how we could pay the monthly bills, I got the nerve up to call S.J. Pacman I talked with Michael and he was so helpful and encouraging that after talking with my husband, we decided to do it. With bills around $49,000 we started on our journey to get out of debt and here we are 2 years later, debt free. We would never have gotten on our feet paying the minimum payments each month. Thank you Michael and S. J. Packman for all your help”

*This is a review for Michael Sininsky at his previous firm.   We are now servicing the clients for that prior firm.

Carolyn F, Roebling, New Jersey, 10-10-2012

“Thanks, Mike. I just entered into a 20% settlement agreement with citicard. I’m going to send you a small token of my appreciation of your professionalism and the time that you dedicated to my case. You should be receiving it in the next few days. Write me to confirm you received it. You’re a top-notch professional and talking to you made me feel like there was a way out. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart.”

*This is a review for Michael Sininsky at his previous firm.   We are now servicing the clients for that prior firm.

David H., Jackson Heights, NY, 10-28-2010

“Mr. Sininsky was wonderful to work with. He was so good about keeping me informed about what was going on. His hard work saved me over thirty thousand dollars. I am so happy I had him on my side.”

Mary C. from Canton, GA 10-8-2021

“My wife and I had a timeshare canceled with the help of Dramer Law, after numerous refusals to help from the timeshare company. Start to finish it took about 2 months. We got estimates from 4 or 5 other timeshare exit companies before Dramer, but they did not seem reliable as far as their services and claims or guarantees of success, or just seemed a little shady. They also required upfront fees (which Dramer Law did not) and were 2-3 times more expensive. We were more than happy with the services provided by Michael Sininsky at Dramer Law and would recommend them to anyone looking to exit a time share.”

Keith and Pam F. from Clovis, CA 1-19-2022

“Ken and Michael are professional, responsive and make the bankruptcy process smooth and easy.  I highly recommend you use them as going bankrupt can be emotionally difficult, but they put you at ease and walk you step by step through the process.  Michael is very organized and has this process down, so you are in great hands.  Once again, I highly recommend them as you won’t be disappointed.”

Stephen L. from New York, NY 8-15-2022

“Your office did a wonderful job helping us to reduce our pay back and the fees were low. Thanks again for all your help.​”

Brian & Kim 9-29-2022

“The service was very quick and very professional, They didn’t let the MCA accounts push me around and they stopped the harassing phone calls, The entire process was super easy and quick, They provided me with different options and different ways they could defend me, While doing so they did not push me or try and sway me into doing one option or the other. They handled everything including dealing with the MCA accounts. I hope I never need to use them again, But if I did they would be my first call.”

Corie S., New York 6-1-2023

“We wanted to thank Michael, Justin and all the lawyers for the help in successfully closing the timeshare. At first we were skeptical since it seems to be too good to be true but they really billed us only the $1,950 amount (@$650 per month for 3 months) stated in their website. No more no less. They spelled out the things we need to do when the timeshare company called (multiple times) or sent us bills and certified mails (we have a bunch of these statements and letters). They are very transparent and let us know that closing can take 9 months up to 3 years depending on the timeshare resort. They are very patient in answering our questions and when we forwarded all the bills and emails that the timeshare company kept on sending. There was no formal closure (except for a Special Warranty Deed) but the account was closed in our credit history report so that’s good enough for us. And as long as the timeshare company stop calling and sending us statements…

The only regret we have is we should have done this sooner. But better late than never. Again, thank you so much to everyone at The Law offices of Kenneth H. Dramer P.C. We really appreciate all the help we got.”

Jennifer S. - Saco, ME 9-13-2023

Anxiety reduction and Renewal of Faith in the American Legal System

At a time when chaos and confusion dominate Network reporting, Social media sharing, and by no means the least: Water cooler discussions; it has been so refreshing to entertain the notion of Teamwork with positive results as we have enjoyed throughout this experience.

Our “Hats off'” to this firm for hiring the right staff, training for excellent customer service (almost an extinct notion of late), and the comfort to believe they know what needs to be done. It has been long time without this level of business performance. Nice to see it again… Across states and most likely generations, Kudos and Applause are sent to a well deserving staff!”


The Hodges - South Carolina 1-9-2024

“The process of canceling our long held timeshare with Interval International was going nowhere by our own efforts. We ran across your firm’s advertisement and after talking with you at length regarding our situation we became confident that your firm would succeed in completing what we could not. The process was seamless with communication at every step. We would recommend that others follow suit and contact you and your firm with their needs.

Thank you for your great service,
John and Sharron L.”

John and Sharron L. - Palatine, IL 2-6-2024

“Thank you for such a professional job your office performed for me. Communication was excellent. Thank you again.”

Doris B. - Slidell, LA 4-5-2024

“It has been a great experience working with the law office of Kenneth Dramer. Kenneth and Michael worked on a re-modification on my mortgage. Both made me feel relaxed and calm going thru the process. Of course I was anxious and concerned but I was informed with info going thru the hole process. The Dramer firm got it done. Highly recommend. Thank you Ken & Michael!”

Daniel R - Glendale, NY 5-6-2024

“My husband and I would like to thank the Dramer Law Firm and especially Michael Sininsky for all of their help in cancelling our timeshare. Our experience with this firm was wonderful. Michael Sininsky was very professional and knowledgeable. He did a great job explaining the process to us and there were no upfront fees. He kept us informed every step of the way. Michael answered all of our questions with patience and promptness. He is an asset to this firm. We are very satisfied with the results and we would highly recommend this law firm to anyone seeking legal services.”

S. & V. - Brooklyn, New York 6-18-2024

“Just want to thank Michael Sininsky for all his help with my situation.  he explained everything and took care of the problem in timely n efficiicent manner was very happy with the results would highly recommend 5 stars”
John P. Bellmore, NY 9-3-2021

“The service and end result was everything that we expected. We were kept well informed throughout the process and were well pleased when we received the notice that the timeshare contract had been cancelled. I would highly recommend Dramer Law Office to anyone who needs help with a timeshare contract.”
Randy from Florida 6-29-2021

“We are very satisfied with your services. Michael always respond to whatever questions we have. We are thankful that we are out of our timeshare financial responsibility. Thank you for the service.”
Percival Empensando. Mineola, NY 6-15-2021

“I worked with Dramer for almost 2 years starting with debt settlement and ending with Bankruptcy. They are very patient and understanding and always there when you need them or have questions. I had an unusual situation that made the process more difficult but they did everything they could and went above and beyond to help me complete my bankruptcy and start a new life. I would totally recommend them for any of your needs. I could not have been happier.”
Cherie. Syracuse, NY 3-22-2021

“We thank you for everything that you have done for us and may God continually have favor and blessing on your life for being an honest person while you were helping us. We thank you.”
Louis & Nancy D. Philadelphia, PA 10-6-2020

“Dramer Law firm has been extremely professional and helpful in my decision to file for a bankruptcy case. Filing for bankruptcy has been completely new to me but Michael, Vanessa and Ken have gone through extra steps to make me aware on what to expect. Once I got all the facts the decision was a lot easier for me to go ahead with the case.
I can highly recommend Dramer Law. Their services are professional and systematic. They take pride in their cases and you can be rest assured to be in good hands.
I’d rate them definitely 5 stars for their services. Thank you Michael, Vanessa and Ken.”
Anonymous 5-8-2020

“Thank you so much it was a pleasure working with you. I would recommend you to anyone who needs your services.”
Natalie G., Coram, NY 4-22-2020

I would like to extend my deepest and sincerest appreciation for your aide. You and your staff have exceeded all my expectations in your efforts to assist me; and for that I thank you.


David M. Scotch Plains, NJ 11-6-19

“I’d prefer to remain anonymous. However, I can say that your service came at a very difficult time in our lives. Illness caused us to fall behind and creditors are not compassionate at all. I’m glad we connected and am grateful for Michael and the firm for not only getting us out of debt, but it allowed us to focus on more important personal issues. You guys not only eliminated the debt but the stress factor and years of trying to ” dodge” financial bullets. We appreciated the monthly calls and follow-up to keep us in the loop of what was being done. I would recommend Dramer Law wholeheartedly.

We also appreciated the annual “birthday wishes” call.”

Dave S. Little Egg Harbor, NJ 5-23-19

Josephine M. NY, NY 9-10-2018

“I was feeling like I was at rock bottom with a foreclosure court date less than 2 weeks away.  The constant phone calls from the mortgage company, and papers served from the courts dragged me down even further.  I knew that ignoring the calls would only lead to my family being kicked out of our home of 23 years, but didn’t know how to tell the mortgage company, I had to make the decision to care for my family first in more than 1 way.  I was letting some bills pile up to pay others.  Electric was sending Final turn off notices, so they had to be paid. The gas company then came to cancel service, so they had to be paid. The kids are growing and expenses are increasing, month by month.  I have a good job, but back bills piling up make the hole  I am in difficult to get out of.

Refinancing was not an option due to our poor credit rating, and vacating the house or selling quickly was not what we wanted to do.  I watched Bankruptcy commercials, and searched online  for immediate help. It was time to finally face the problems I was having and not hide from them.

I found Dramer online through a google search and called.  I was nervous when the call connected, and spoke to a calming voice.  His name was Michael Sininsky.  He walked me through the process and made me feel so much better, as if there was a way out.  He handled everything with the Mortgage company and worked out a great deal that allowed me to afford my monthly payments and stop the pressure of getting calls from the lender and the courts.

I made my initial payments an received my Loan modification a few months later.  I received a letter from  the lender’s lawyers stating they were canceling the foreclosure, and a huge weight was lifted from my entire family.  We struggled, but got through it.

I know there are families in a similar situation.  I would definitely recommend Dramer and call them immediately for help.  I am still working to get back on my feet, but things are looking a lot better than they were just 5 months ago. I can’t thank Michael enough for his help, support, and follow up throughout this entire process.  He made a very difficult time much easier to get through.”

Alan T. Staten Island, NY 8-10-2018

“I just wanted you to know it has been an absolute pleasure working with you. You never made me feel harried, pressured or overly anxious about paying off my bills. I wish everyone would be like that.  Thank you again & i hope you don’t mind if i touch base with you the future, just to give you updates on how things are going.  Be well.”

Mary R. Bayshore, NY 4-30-2018

“I would highly recommend Dramer Law for your debt settlement needs.  A few years ago my husband and I had accrued entirely too much debt and no matter how hard we worked or how much we tried, we were unable to keep up with our bills and making the minimum payments was getting us nowhere. The best decision we could have made was to begin the debt settlement process. Most of the debt was in my name so I contacted Dramer Law . I have been extremely pleased with the efficient, attentive, reliable service provided by Michael Sininsky. I was initially hesitant to enter into any debt settlement program but now, without hesitation, I will say it was the best decision I could have made . From the initial consultation and throughout the entire process ,Michael patiently and fully explained everything.  Any questions I had were addressed rapidly and any messages I left were returned promptly.  I/we started out with $87,555.84 total debt and ended up paying back $26,020.71. That’s a savings of $61, 000.500 , or a 70% discount off our balances. I’m so happy we decided to go with Dramer Law and cannot thank Michael enough for all his hard work and professionalism.  Any fees paid to Dramer Law were very fair and minimal compared to what I was paying to the credit card companies each month.  Being debt free is such a relief- now we can move forward and put our money toward our kids college educations and save for our future.I am happy to recommend them and am so glad I contacted them a few years ago.  Sincerely,  Susan M.”  Commack, NY 3-27-2018

Susan M. Commack, NY 3-27-2018

“Thank you very much. Your promptness, efficiency, and trustworthiness have always been beyond my imagination. Perhaps I will be like that one day (in another life).”

Peter L Valley Stream, NY 3-2-17

“Thanks for being so helpful i am glad for your help  I hope I can send  some client  your way  thanks  so much”

Audrey. Arverne, NY 2-6-17

“Happy new year!  Of course I want to thank you further than what I wrote. I can not thank you enough for giving me freedom from debt. As you know being in debt that you can’t see your way out of causes so many restless nights and a lot of stress and anxiety. A few years ago I could not imagine a way out of this hole that I dug myself. I literally was paralyzed by fear and could not even face the mail. I kept hoarding mail and it overwhelmed me. With just one meeting with you, you gave me hope that just maybe I too could live debt free and once again become a responsible spender. Not only did you get me out of debt but you gave me a freedom that can’t be described. I am able to once again look others in their eyes. I feel as though a weight has been lifted that burdened me physically and mentally for a long time. Not only did you help me do this, but I have learned some other valuable lessons that are priceless like don’t spend beyond your means and if you don’t have cash for it don’t buy it. Thank you for helping me. I am eternally grateful to you and the rest of Dramer Law. ”

Anne G. – Brooklyn, NY 1-2-2017

“When I initially called, I spoke to Mike.  I want to say, he immediately put my mind at ease.  He explained your retainer fee; that costs for filing papers; phone calls, and other incidentals, would be deducted from that fee and, if any fees were due at the end of the process, I would be liable for those additional fees.   Mike was able to work with me, keep me calm and focused, and I have gone from being in foreclosure to NOT being in foreclosure!!  I’m so relieved.  Mike spent time communicating with me either by e-mail or phone.  He kept me up-to-date about the process of this whole mess I got myself into and he was truly a comfort to me these past few months. I hope other staff in your office are as efficient and compassionate as Mike is.  He’s truly an asset to your business.  Mike – Thank you so much for your help.  I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again – you are greatly appreciated!!”

Susan F. Copaigue, NY. 6-13-16

“I would like to express my gratitude for your perseverance in assisting me through the toughest time of my life.  Getting out of that debt was like taking a huge weight off my shoulders.”

Cory K. 4-20-15

“I would like to open by saying how grateful I am to Michael Sininsky for helping me with my legal problem.  I was beside myself when I spend a hit letter from an attorney who.informed me that I was in debt for a very large amount of money that was owed 15 years ago I thought the matter had been resolved through my divorce, but dismay it wasn’t and had accrued an astronomical amount of late payments and finance charges, they froze our bank accounts , but through the expertise of Mr.Sininsky he resolved a 15 year matter in 2 weeks unfroze our accounts and saved us more than we could of imagined I recommend the Dramer Law firm highly and lifted a great deal of stress for us. sincerely Mr & Mrs. Vogel”

Mr & Mrs. Vogel. NY 12-15-14

“I dealt with Michael Sininsky and his team at SJ Packman and Assoc., they were a pleasure to work with. They were recommended to me and I was not disappointed. He was very professional and helpful. He made my experience effortless. I was able to settle all of my debt and start over and rebuild my credit and prepare for my future. I would have never been able to do this without him. Michael is always available to his clients and you can tell he is dedicated to what he does. Thank you Michael and all that helped! I appreciate it!”

*This is a review for Michael Sininsky at his previous firm.   We are now servicing the clients for that prior firm.

Jillian S. Centereach, NY. 7-14-14

“My mother was in really bad dept and she owed lots of money to the credit cards. all her money was going to the credit cards and bills and medical bills with very little money left for food. She started  with a debt forgiving program . And it back fired big time and got her much more in debt with a court date and got no support at all and they never returned my phone calls, Then I contact sj packman to take over the case. within a couple off week’s they were able the settle the credit card the right way . They were very understanding and very help full and really new what they were talking about and worked very hard to settle my mothers account with out going to court with very little time to the court date. Only if i used sj packman the first time my mother would off saved a lot more money and would of saved a lot off stress. Im very happy with the service sj packman gave us they did a wonderful job.  SJ packman and Mike Sininsky thank you so much for such a great job we really appreciate it.”

*This is a review for Michael Sininsky at his previous firm.   We are now servicing the clients for that prior firm.

Steve N. E. Rutherford, NJ. 5-12-14

“It was nothing but a great experience working with SJ Packman & Associates. Michael was extremely helpful from the very beginning of my process. He worked hard to continuously get me the best deals possible.  It was a pleasure to work with them and I would recommend them to anyone. Thank you for all of your help!”

*This is a review for Michael Sininsky at his previous firm.   We are now servicing the clients for that prior firm.

Tracy T. Long Island, NY 12-19-13

“I feel a huge weight has been lifted from my shoulders, just getting this credit card debt under control and now debt free. You have been a tremendous help and I appreciate how easy this way for you to handle. I will definitely recommend The Law Offices of S.J. Packman all your services to others. Honest and Reliable”

*This is a review for Michael Sininsky at his previous firm.   We are now servicing the clients for that prior firm.

Jerome R. New Hyde Park, NY 10-24-2013

SJ Packman is a wonderful firm to handle your bankruptcy needs. They are always there to answer any questions you may have and explained the process to me in way that I could understand. They are very personal and guide you through the process the entire way—from beginning to end. I was very nervous about this whole process, but my contact with this firm made it so much more bearable! Definitely consider this law firm for your legal needs!! Thanks for all your help, Michael!”

*This is a review for Michael Sininsky at his previous firm.   We are now servicing the clients for that prior firm.

Jennae L. Guthrie, OK 7-23-2013

“Hi Mike, I appreciate your help in handling my case, for I tried to solve it by myself but it didn’t seem to work (I got scammed). You basically bought more time for me while I tried to sort and regain some financial order in my life. You were able to put me back on track without any severe legal consequences. You listened, negotiated, communicated, prepared,represented, and negotiated again and again for me. Oftentimes, we face difficult situations despite of our effort and those unavoidable situations (divorce, illness or accident) can overwhelm us. Settling debt was not really my first option, but it was the only option I could choose at the moment. I do have some mixed feelings for settling debt, but I know it was the right thing to do. Thank you again Mike for being patient and persistent. The lesson I learned from this experience was to ask for help. The sooner you reach out, the faster you can save yourself… But remember to ask help from the right company. Thanks!”

This is a review for Michael Sininsky at his previous firm.   We are now servicing the clients for that prior firm.

Akira. Bellmore, NY 7-2-2013

“I thought I was in over my head with credit card debt, after working with Michael he walked me through the debt consolidation process and made me feel comfortable about the process and answered all the questions and concerns I had. They helped me make my monthly payments affordable and helped me get out of debt in a couple of years. It was a pleasure working with SJ Packman and I would recommend them to anyone that needs financial help!”

This is a review for Michael Sininsky at his previous firm.   We are now servicing the clients for that prior firm.

Willie T, Massapequa, NY, 3-30-2013

“S.J. Packman & Associates LLC is a top rated company, Dealing with Michael was an excellent experience, He walked me through the process and assured me I would be better off, He was in constant communication throughout the entire process and then afterwards as well. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to get their financial life back. Everything that I was told was going to happen did, no loop holes just plain honesty. They are definitely not like the other companies out their who take your money and leave you hanging. As I said before, if you want to get on track again, contact SJ Packman and ask for Michael, you won’t be sorry.”

This is a review for Michael Sininsky at his previous firm.   We are now servicing the clients for that prior firm.

Jay B, Queens, NY, 1-9-2013

“I was 9 months behind on my mortgage and was in jeopardy of going into foreclosure. I thought there was nowhere to turn, so I reached out to SJ Packman. Michael was excellent. Always available and knowledgeable of the situation. He immediately had his firm make contact with my lender. Within a few weeks we were working on a payment plan with the lender and two months after that, the loan modification was complete keeping my family under the roof I work so hard for. I would recommend this firm to anybody facing foreclosure and seeking a re-modification.”

This is a review for Michael Sininsky at his previous firm.   We are now servicing the clients for that prior firm.

Don W, Holbrook, NY, 9-5-2012

I had a great experience working with Mike Sininsky and his team on settling my credit cards debt. Mike was very professional and reliable, he explained everything clearly from the beginning, he always returned my phone calls whenever I had questions or requested additional clarification. The entire experience was simple and stress-free and they made me feel protected. I sincerely recommend the Law Office of Kenneth Dramer; they saved me a lot of money. Mike and Angel, thanks again for all your help!
R.C. from Great Neck, NY, 11-22-2022

“Thank you again for getting Abe and me out of our Timeshare.

I greatly appreciated your periodic updates stating that you were working on our Timeshare problem. As an attorney I know how important it is to keep a client informed.

The price that you were charging was VERY REASONABLE and the fact that it was payable upon succeeding, showed confidence in your ability to deliver.

In addition, all the other Timeshare Companies I interviewed wanted money UPFRONT, and some had amounts that were much higher than your fee.”



Lonnie & Abe from Ridgewood, NJ 7-26-2022

“We can’t thank you enough for your outstanding service in helping us cancel our timeshare! From start to finish, the team was professional, knowledgeable, and truly dedicated to achieving the best possible outcome for us. You kept us updated throughout the entire process and made sure all of our questions were answered. We were impressed with how quickly you were able to cancel our timeshare even when we were worried we would have to wait for over a year, paying maintenance fees throughout the wait period. While we were not able to get a complete refund, you at least made that clear from the outset, and for this we are grateful. You have helped us save a lot of funds during this drastic and austere economic climate and we sincerely appreciate it. Of course we highly recommend Dramer Law to anyone seeking legal assistance with a timeshare cancellation or any other legal matter. Thank you so much for your excellent work!”



Michael & Angelica E. from Pennsylvania 3-28-2023

“We are absolutely ecstatic that Dramer Law Firm was able to assist us in cancelling our GEVC timeshare that had an RCI membership tied to it, and answered our questions about contracts, timeshares, and rescission. We had thought we had complicated the process/too late, or would be able to find anyone that could assist or point us in the right direction, but Michael Sininsky was able quick to respond and assist us and explain that the firm and him could help us do it the right way even with the short notice/deadline we had.

We at this point had trouble trusting other firms and companies, because some insisted we hire them with large upfront fee or down-payment without certainty of success, or before they could talk to us, or some had just ignored us, and time frames up to 18months (and still uncertain).

Michael is very knowledgeable, patient and was able to explain and help us through this stressful ordeal for us. Although the firm did not have specific experience with the timeshare company we had unfortunately signed with, he did assure us that they would not ask any large upfront fees before helping us and only will ask payment upon successful cancellation of the timeshare. But Michael was able to cancel it and help us cancel it the right way, as well get us a refund of our down-payment which we see in turn saved us from future monthly payments, rising annual maintenance fees, and other headaches along the way.

They do not have escrow for payment of the service, but from the fee upon completion had options of monthly payments of what you could afford and be payable either by ACH or Credit card. But with that reasonable $1k+ (almost 2k) it was much better than having to pay high fee up front and without assurance whether or not they could do it, and still have to pay them again as well.
The turn around for our case was less than 2 weeks, but we were lucky with our timing. They had explained if we missed a certain period of time it could have taken longer.
Either way, Michael and the company has gained our trust and they do provide other services which if we ever did need it, we would hire them and recommend them to anyone that needs jt.”
Anonymous - Texas 11-2-2023

“We were 100% satisfied with the service you provided and not charging fees upfront was a key selling point for us, else we would feel like we would worry there was also a chance to lose money on the process itself to get out of the timeshare. The terms of our arrangement (the flat fee + 10% of the savings) were clearly explained to me upfront and what I signed clearly reflected that initial conversation. The update emails along the way were appreciated, but it was hard to tell from the email if there had been any real progress or response from Palmera. I don’t know how you might change the update emails, perhaps include something specific in the email like ‘we reached out on this date, but still haven’t heard from them so are following up’ (but maybe those update emails are auto-generated / generic).

Yes, we would definitely recommend!


Stephen E. - Mosley, VA 2-6-2024

“Michael was very helpful and respected my boundaries in this matter. Unexpectedly, I received a kind email from him on my birthday, wishing me a happy birthday. This thoughtful gesture exemplifies excellent customer service.”

Kellie W. - Philadelphia, PA 5-20-2024

“We were not disappointed.  Not in the lease. We are so happy with you and your law firm! you are Great, Wonderful. You made this process so stress free. We are so grateful! 

We are so happy with the service we received. You kept us updated every step of the way, by keeping us updated on the progress on the Time Share Cancellation . We were happy that you were familiar with the Time Share Company we were dealing with.  And we loved that we didn’t have to put any money down up front.  When we received the email that it was cancelled, OH HAPPY DAY!! We thought it would be a much longer process.

We are Overwhelm with gratitude!!
You and your company, Law firm is Top Notch!  You made us feel comfortable right from the start. We will definitely recommend you to anyone needing this service to cancel their time share. Pain-free and stress free!
We can’t thank you enough. Definitely money well spent, and others wanted money upfront, and possibly after. We are so grateful to have this behind us. 
Have a Great Day and Take Good Care!!
Thank you so much, 
Semon and Charlayne J.
Extremely Satisfied Clients”
Semon and Charlayne J. - Sandusky, OH 7-8-2024

We were desperate to get out of a timeshare we had gotten into, the high annual fees that were once reasonable but had crept up and were insane; through luck, we found Dramer Law through a google search. We contacted them and were connected with Michael Sininsky. He was reassuring that he was aware of the issues with our purchase and told us he might have a solution to resolve the problem. He did! I know it was a lot of dealing, but also am thrilled to share them since they got us out of a situation that seemed like a sinking ship. If you need a life raft in dealing with timeshare termination options Dramer Law is the lifeboat you need.​”

V & A, from Chicago, IL 7-19-2021

“Michael did a great job explaining the process and answering my questions. He kept me informed on the progress. Really liked the no up front fee. I wouldn’t suggest anyone do it any other way. Now if we could only rip the time share companies like they do the misinformed public . Thanks Michael for helping me out of a very bad time share mistake.”

Doug & Carla from Douglas, GA. 4-22-2021

“Dramer Law was wonderful to work with to cancel out vacation package. Michael kept us informed at each step and walked us through the process. We were able to cancel our package very quickly. The best part was that Dramer Law only takes payment when they succeed at canceling the vacation package, and that is what drew us to them over others that wanted payment upfront.”

Marc & Amber from PA. 3-18-2021

“Everything you have done for us was great, keep doing the great job.  Thank you”

Tammy & Victor, Utica, NY 12-14-2020

“All we can say is that you and Vanessa have done a wonderful job! We never expected that our timeshare contract can be canceled so quickly and smoothly (within 2-3 weeks) given the current difficult COVID-19 situation. Still, your professionalism, persistence, and hard work really make a huge difference for us. You not only removed our future financial burden but also instilled the peace of mind and confidence that we desperately need at this point. We would highly recommend your firm to anyone, and it is certainly a pleasure working with you.”

Harry & Cherry NJ 6-10-2020

“I would like to thank Dramer law for helping me with my issue. The team of Michael and Vanessa were awesome to deal with , they kept me in the loop at all times and really had my best interests from the get go. I had a sense of assurance that my issue would be taken care correctly and in a timely fashion. Thank you again Dramer law, I would have no hesitation in using them again in the future if another issue would arise.  BEST REGARDS, RN” 

Ray N. Amityville, NY 5-16-2019

After opening a retail business and getting hit by a natural disaster and an ever changing retail world, our business was in crisis. I turned, unfortunately to MCL’s.
The daily/weekly payments were getting so difficult for us and we did not know what to do. We reached out to Dramer Law and met Michael. He worked amazingly fast in helping us resolve our debt to a manageable payment schedule.
He was always very available for any questions or concerns we had and talked me off the ledge several times. Things have stabilized and we are so very grateful for the services of Dramer Law and Michael Sininsky….hes the best!!!!!!!!!

J. S. Houston, TX 1-22-19

“After putting off my debt for many months I was nervous to get started with the process, since I was unsure of what the process was. My first interaction was with Michael from SJ Packman who was extremely helpful and comforting. He was able to explain the entire process to me and answer every question and concern. He made me understand the choices that I had and helped me to get rid of all of the debt in a very short period of time. It was a pleasure to work with SJ Packman and I would highly recommend them to anyone. I cannot thank you enough for all of your help!!!!”

*This is a review for Michael Sininsky at his previous firm.   We are now servicing the clients for that prior firm.

Jillian B., Inwood, NY 10-11-2011

“I was very pleased with the legal services I received from the Dramer Law Firm regarding settling a debt collection matter with a very stubborn collection service”

J. V. – Cobleskill, NY. 5-26-16

“I am very grateful of Michael Sininsky’s assistance to get through the process. He is very professional and extremely helpful. Highly recommended.”

G.P. Floral Park, NY. 2-2-2016

“I highly recommend the services of The Law Offices of Kenneth H. Dramer and Michael Sininsky. Although I wish I had never put myself into the position to need this companies services, Mr. Sininsky was very extremely effective in working with me to reduce my consumer debt. During the entire process, he and his team were able to handle communications with the creditors, and successfully negotiate the terms and balances on my accounts. Thank you again for all your help – Greg T.”

Greg T. Long Island, NY. 1-21-16

MD Staten Island, NY 7-20-2016

“Excellent, excellent service. Highly recommended. Handled my debt in a month and cut it in half. Worked with Michael who was so patient and was very understanding. Very pleased with the results.”

S.P. Bronx, NY 11-24-15 (Review posted on Yelp).

“Hi Michael, Just wanted yo drop you a note in appreciation for all you have done for Bob & I in regard to  the Capital One situation.  Your guidance, understanding and expertise were very comforting to us .Of course we are so happy that this situation is now settled.  Again, please accept our gratitude for all your help.  Bob & I wish you a Happy, Healthy Holiday Season.  FONDLY BARBARA & BOB G”

Barbara & Bob G. Brooklyn, NY 11-16-2015

“I think you and the company basically do a good job and I appreciate it. As I mentioned before the only thing is I’m interested to see when the payments I’ve made start showing up on my credit report as it’s still very low.   Overall, though, I’m very happy.”

Mike S. Baldwin, NY 8-3-15

“Nicki and I are ecstatic, she is so happy she is in tears!  This has been a long journey and you have taken us through it just as you promised.  We think back at how hopeless we were feeling when we first contacted you and your firm, how reassuring it was to speak with you and how you empowered us to get this dark cloud behind us.  This year, my wife and I will be celebrating 25 years of marriage and I can’t think of a better 25th  wedding anniversary gift than this!   Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all of your efforts in getting us through this!  Most Sincerely,  Ken and Nicki K”

Ken and Nicki K Highland, NY. 4-6-15

“Recently we finished the debt relief program through Dramer Law. We are so pleased with the results.I know we could not have been successful without their help. Michael called every month to see how we were doing and was always available to answer questions or offer support. What a wonderful feeling to be out of debt at last!  Michael, I’m gonna miss you!”

Steven & Esther W. 12-12-14

“Dear Mr Michael Sininsky. I must thank you,, ,Mr Peter Gleason and SJ Packman & Associates for the way you handled my case and assisted me with full information time to time. Please accept my congratulations for the excellent results. You were always in touch with me and made sure that all the documents are in order and up to date and the way you handled the case with very high dignity, honesty, and hard work is remarkable. I compliment You, Mr Peter Gleason and SJPACKMAN & associates for proving that you are very professional and honorable and always kept in mind that your clients should be comfortable and confident. I would very strongly recommend you Mr Michael,, Mr Peter Gleason And SJ Packman & associates to any one and everyone to contact you for any financial situation. Thank you very much. With Kind Regards. Indru B.”

*This is a review for Michael Sininsky at his previous firm.   We are now servicing the clients for that prior firm.

Indru B. Queens, NY 5-25-14

“Thank you very much . I must say that your way of handling the case has been beyond any ones imagination, the dedication,honesty,truthfulness  has been very real. I must congratulate you personally and Mr Peter Gleason and S.J.Packman  & Associates.. I am going to write separately my comments and forward them to you.”

*This is a review for Michael Sininsky at his previous firm.   We are now servicing the clients for that prior firm.

Andrew U., Elmhurst, NY 5-9-14

“Michael Sininsky was just great!  Very Professional and he got the job done.”

*This is a review for Michael Sininsky at his previous firm.   We are now servicing the clients for that prior firm.

Barb and Byron C – New York 12-3-13

“I have been very satisfied with the way S.J. Packman and Assoc was able to help me out when I needed it. Never in my wildest imagination did I think I would ever be in the situation I found myself in after the 2008 financial and housing crash. With the help of Michael Sininsky and the staff at S.J. Packman , I have been able to re-establish myself financially and am tremendously appreciative of that help”

*This is a review for Michael Sininsky at his previous firm.   We are now servicing the clients for that prior firm.

Paula H. Southampton, NY 7-15-2013

“Dear Sir, The entire debt settlement process was very good and well explained. It brought me great joy knowing the fact that I’m on the right path of being free from debt collection and constantly being harassed by phone calls. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mr. Michael Sininsky for a tremendous job well done is assisting me through the entire process. Once again, thank you.”

*This is a review for Michael Sininsky at his previous firm.   We are now servicing the clients for that prior firm.

Talibe B., Brooklyn, NY, 3-5-2011

“Your excellent service, reminders, organization and thoroughness made the process not as painful as I envisioned. Thanks for your help and for staying on top of things. All is well on this side, hope you are well too”.

*This is a review for Michael Sininsky at his previous firm.   We are now servicing the clients for that prior firm.

Marcelina L, New York, NY, 3-6-2013

“I’m writing to thank you for all of your assistance in essentially saving our financial life (my wife and myself). As the financial situation in the country was worsening our personal finances were damaged by a load of medical bills and the housing crisis lowering the value of our home to 60% of its former worth. Despite our efforts we were falling further and further behind financially. In short, we were in debt to a point that we were seriously considering bankruptcy. As we were searching for an answer we came upon your web site, considered the contents of it and the routes you offered to solve our financial situation, so we contacted your firm. Shortly Michael S. contacted us and after laying out our situation he assured us that your company could help; and help he did. Negotiating for us Mike got us virtually out of debt in the space of two years. I cannot thank your company and Mike enough. I have recommended your company to anyone who in conversation spoke of financial problems and had no idea of what to do. The professionalism and sincere concern your company and Mike shows contrasts sharply with so many places that promise much but deliver little. Thanks again for everything.

*This is a review for Michael Sininsky at his previous firm.   We are now servicing the clients for that prior firm.

Rick F, Newark, New Jersey, 10-10-2012

“Our experience with the firm was wonderful, Peter Gleason was our attorney and he was great. Michael Sininsky is fabulous, he has been my ear for many months, heard many frustrating calls and always made me feel better and calm during a very stressful process. I would recommend this firm to anyone and will do so.”

*This is a review for Michael Sininsky at his previous firm.   We are now servicing the clients for that prior firm.

Dawn B, Bedford Hills, NY, 3-1-2012

“These guys are GREAT! I was treated very well at all times and they are very professional. They are honest and will fight for you till the end. I never felt like I was another client, the person I dealt with there always knew me by my first name and always responded to any and all the questions I had through out the whole process. I saved a lot of money and headaches because of SJ Packman & Assoc. I would recommend them to anyone that needed their services! Thank you very much !!!”

Review posted on Yelp.

*This is a review for Michael Sininsky at his previous firm.   We are now servicing the clients for that prior firm.

Nestor V., Brooklyn, NY, April 2011

“I just want to say that I was going through a tough divorce which put a financial strain on me. I needed to find someone to help me during my financial crisis when i came upon SJ Packman. During the first phone call to the company until the last call to them they were nothing but helpful and understanding. They went through all my options and answered all my questions. They even work with you to make your monthly payments Affordable to you and your lifestyle. They understood my problems and made them theirs. There is nothing but good things to say about SJ Packman. I would recommend this company to anyone who needs financial help. As of today I’m debt free thanks to SJ Packman.”

This is a review for Michael Sininsky at his previous firm.   We are now servicing the clients for that prior firm.

Guy S. Kew Gardens, NY 3-22-2012

“We were extremely satisfied with your professional service and the settlement rates we received. You helped us through a very trying time in our life and we appreciate it immensely. We would definitely recommend SJ Packman, PC.”

This is a review for Michael Sininsky at his previous firm.   We are now servicing the clients for that prior firm.

Ed & Linda, Miller Place, New York 1-3-2011

“Our experience with the firm was wonderful, Peter Gleason was our attorney and he was great. Michael Sininsky is fabulous, he has been my ear for many months, heard many frustrating calls and always made me feel better and calm during a very stressful process. I would recommend this firm to anyone and will do so”

*This is a review for Michael Sininsky at his previous firm.   We are now servicing the clients for that prior firm.

Dawn B. Bedford Hills, NY 3-1-2012

“I hired SJ Packman & Associates for a Bankruptcy filing. Over the course of six months, I had frequent contact with Michael Sininsky, Controller of Operations. I have found him to be very prompt, honest, considerate and someone with integrity. His professionalism is another area in which he excelled at throughout our correspondence. I am truly grateful for having dealt with the Law offices of SJ Packman, and it is with great pleasure that I recommend them.”

*This is a review for Michael Sininsky at his previous firm.   We are now servicing the clients for that prior firm.

Peter L. Valley Stream, NY 11-8-2011

This is a review for Michael Sininsky at his previous firm.   We are now servicing the clients for that prior firm.

Lee W. Eaton Town, NJ 2-26-2014

“I would just like to express my thoughts and appreciation on how we were treated by the staff of your firm and how they were so courteous and professional whenever we called with concerns and questions. I would really like to thank Mike since I know I drove him crazy with all the calls.Whenever I had questions or concerns about anything he was always polite, nice, always made me laugh, and I was confident that everything was being taken care of. Along with his co-workers, especially Paul, who I originally used to talk to, he made me feel really comfortable that this firm would do everything in its power to help me to settle my debt. I would recommend them to my family and friends.”

This is a review for Michael Sininsky at his previous firm.   We are now servicing the clients for that prior firm.

Mary H., Bronx, NY, 8-17-2010

“I am extremely pleased with the timeshare cancellation services provided by Dramer Law. Michael Sininsky of that firm and his staff were outstanding. I would definitely recommend them. Their fee was thousands of dollars less than the ‘professional’ timeshare cancellation companies I had spoken to.”

John T., Avon, OH, 11-4-2020

“Glad we chose Dramer Law Firm to get us out of our timeshare. They kept us well informed and updated us often on the process and it didn’t take a long time to end it. Plus we liked the no up front fees. I would recommend them to anyone that wants to exit their timeshare.”

William and Georgia from Dewitt, AR 7-20-2022

“I really appreciate all the effort Michael and Dramer Law put in to help resolve my debt. I couldn’t have asked for a better outcome. I highly recommend them and will definitely use them in the future if the need arises.”

Don, from Denver, CO 9-13-2022

“Michael and his team did a fantastic job providing us with excellent service. He was always communicative, patient, and prompt with assisting us. Would highly recommend them for anyone who needs the services; it truly helped take the burden off our shoulders by having them behind us during the entire process.”

Soo L., from Germantown, MD 9-23-2022

“We were very satisfied with the way our timeshare cancellation was handled. It was done in a timely manner with no money paid up front. When the procedure was completed the fee was paid and it was very reasonable. We would definitely recommend this company to anyone looking to cancel their timeshare.”

Patrick & Rosemary F. - New York 6-2-2023

“You were wonderful. Your office was incredibly clear, reasonable, and responsive from start to finish. You were able to earn a better settlement than I would have gotten on my own for sure.”

Skyler C. - Virginia 8-29-2023

“They did an excellent job! Super fast and we are extremely appreciative of their work.”

Anonymous 11-27-2023

“I made a stupid mistake and fell for the illusions of grandeur that timeshare companies use to trap people into lifelong debt. After searching for help, Mr. Sininsky and his associates swooped in and pulled me out of my timeshare with little to no stress on me!”

JM - Arkansas 12-11-2023

“We are happy with the ending in this matter. You were very responsive, both by email and by phone. And always let us know monthly that you were still at work on our issue. We have already recommended you to a friend of ours who has similar issues with timeshare (they have already engaged someone to help them).
My suggestion for people who want to use your service in the future is to understand that the timeshare issues do not move very quickly. Lots of patience is needed but in the end the result is one that we’re very happy with.
Thank you again for your help and work on this matter.”

Anonymous - Indiana 1-3-2024

“I have tremendous respect and thankfulness for Dramer and its superb rep Michael Sininsky. If only Michael is in charge of America’s debt, finances, IRS, etc – this would solve it all!

With Dramer and Mike – I am 100% debt-free, as I got my accounts settled, FICO improved – and it was all done swiftly, professionally and no headaches.  Mike took away 95% of my credit worries right away. Actually, 98%. 

I strongly recommend ANYONE with even an inkling of debt issues – talk to Mike Sininsky, as he also helped me with financial & credit advice.

Long live Dramer and Mike Sininsky!”

Yan K. - Brooklyn, New York 1-31-2024

“Dealing with The Dramer law firm could not have been any better or easier. In fact, I think you undersell things at the beginning and don’t even make it clear that the process is as great as it truly is. Everything about the process was a pleasure, and the best part was the end result. I appreciate that you always made time to fill me in with what was happening and that you went overboard to get me the best deal possible. Anyone considering of ways to minimize their payouts for these crazy loans I somehow got involved with, should use your firm. You guys are professional and results oriented and made the process truly pleasurable. Thank you again, and I will never go anywhere else to resolve one of these loans in the future!!”

Mike S. - Columbus, OH 3-27-2024

“Working with Michael Sininsky and The Law Offices of Kenneth H. Dramer P.C. was overall a positive experience. Michael was always very professional and informative in addressing our concerns and questions. However, we found that the updates from the legal assistants could have been more helpful if they provided more details/clearer information about the case during the different stages. Despite this, we truly appreciate Micheal quick respond to all our inquiries. Overall, we appreciate his expertise and the outcome.”
David & Yesenia U. - Los Angeles, CA 5-28-2024

“I thought everything went about as well as could be expected. It’s a huge relief to be out from under the Flagship timeshare, and I cannot thank you enough for facilitating that. 
I don’t have any specific suggestions or recommendations regarding the process. I thought your flat fee was reasonable and I appreciate that payment of it was pending successful completion of the timeshare exit process. 
I will recommend Draper Law to others who are members of private Facebook group for people that have had a bad experience with timeshare exit firms.
Thank you again!
Kind regards, Deborah”
Deborah B. - Washington, DC 7-10-2024

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